Book Groups

Book Discussion



Why form a book group?

  • We learn far more when we talk about a new idea than when we read passively.
  • We can only take in so much new information at one time. Talking about the book in a group allows the ideas to become more memorable.
  • Listening to what others have to say can help prompt new understandings.

How can you form a book group?

  • Invite some interested friends or colleagues to begin reading with you, chapter by chapter, dialoguing along the way.
  • Read the boom on your own first. Consider why the information is beneficial and jot down some key ideas. Share your newfound insights with a few friends or colleagues and invite them to join you as a small reading group. Read the book again along with your friends and colleagues and talk about it chapter by chapter. See what new insights the second reading brings!

What resources might you need?

Group Guidelines and Discussion Questions

  • The Group Guide offers suggestions for how to build and maintain an intentional dialogue.
  • The chapter by chapter Discussion Questions offer questions for dialogue sessions.

Link to Workshop Series info for a deeper,
more structured process